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NEW Growers Have Joined Us!

New Growers means more terrific options from which to choose!

Watch for their listings under “What’s New”

Come Grow with us!

Tell your friends! Give a mention on your social media, FaceBook … invite them to enjoy healthy, delicious REAL food and browse through the creative items by our local talented artisans!

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Ordering for tomorrow, Saturday, pick up Closed

It’s Friday and ordering for tomorrow, Saturday, Greenville & Murphy pick up is closed.

While the market is still open, customers are able to place orders for the market’s next day’s pick up … Wednesday …. Found Penny Farm – 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Thanks to all our supportive customers and our wonderful vendors!

New customers and new vendors are welcome!

Bring your garden harvests, your crafts, your artisan creations to our online Farmers Market!

JOIN today BUY ~ ~ SELL ~ ~ support your local growers, artists & craftsmen!

Mention us on your FaceBook Page so all your friends know the best place to find that special item locally!


MICRO-GREENS!! Amazing greens for that healthy, delicious addition to any snack or meal!

LAMB!! Special “Sampler Pack” of the tastiest cuts of all natural, pastured, grass fed & grass finished sweet, tender spring lamb!! Limited quantities so order soon!!

Cordial !! Natural herbal soaps! Hand crafted toys! Browse the Market and place your order for the location/pick up convenient to you!

YEP!! TODAY is Friday and ordering is closed ...

I checked my calendar twice and it really IS Friday today!

So, ordering is now closed for pickups scheduled for Saturday pickup at our Greenville Farmers Market location and our Murphy pick up location.

Thank you to ALL our great customers and our super vendors!

If you have a friend, please recommend our site to them and if you have a friend with “Farmers Market” items they would like to offer … let them know about Side By Side Farms Online Farmers Market!

Ordering is now for our Wednesday afternoon pickups at Found Penny Farm in Commerce.

Thank you all!

Wow! A DAY too early LOL

I think I need sleep! I sent out the “Ordering Closed for Saturday Pick up” a whole day early!!

Please Disregard and shop til tomorrow noon! Thanks!

Apologies for the mistake!

Oh, and THANK YOU to those customers who have already placed your Saturday orders!! LOVE the extra time!

Will see everyone on Saturday – day AFTER tomorrow :D

Market Manager

Market Ordering closed for tomorrow, Wednesday, pick up at Found Penny FarmFoun

Thanks for your support! Ordering is now closed for tomorrow, Wednesday, at Found Penny Farm.

The Online market is still open, to facilitate continuing orders for Saturday pickups at Greenville Farmers Market and Murphy …

Vendors, please make sure you update your inventory. The Market is open for Buyers to place orders …

Saturday pick ups:

9:00am – 10:30am – Greenville Farmers Market

12:30pm – 1:30pm – -Murphy, TX

Looking forward to seeing you at pick up time!!

SideBySideFarms Market closed for WEDNESDAY pick ups!

THANKS to all who ordered for pick up tomorrow, Wednesday, 18 July 2018 at Found Penny Farm in Commerce.

Buyers, check your email for your invoice and growers check your Harvest email.

Remember, if you ARE or KNOW a grower who would love to have an additional location and buyers for their items, share our site!

Please share our site link on your Facebook page and invite all your friends to join now (while they can enjoy their Life Membership for free) and conveniently order fresh, healthy fruit, vegetables, baked items and more!

Thanks again!

Market Closed for Saturday pick up

The market is closed for the Saturday, 30 June 2018, pick ups in Greenville and Murphy.

Hope you were able to get your fresh veggies, SOAPberries, baked items or whatever else you have a fancy for!

The market will re-open tomorrow, Saturday, for orders available for pick up on Wednesday afternoon at Found Penny Farm. And for you early birds, you may even get your orders in for NEXT Saturday! Remember to specify the pick up location as you place your order.

We have new, fresh items each new Market!

Tell your friends! And IF you know a gardener with more tomatoes or squash than they know what to do with, tell them they should consider offering it to their Side By Side neighbors!!

Come GROW with us!

~ ~ Buy Healthy ~ ~ Buy LOCAL ~ ~ Buy Fresh ~ ~

The Market is OPEN - orders for Wednesday Found Penny Farm pick up and next Saturday Greenville & Murphy pick up!

We are in full search mode for Summer Veggies! If you know a grower who’s summer vegetables are coming ripe for harvest faster than they can sell, let them know that Side By Side has buyers just waiting to enjoy their harvest!

Invite your friends to join and shop our local vendors, growers!

Buy Healthy ~ ~ Buy LOCAL ~ ~ Buy Fresh

Market Ordering closed for Wednesday pick ups

Hope you got your orders in!

Several items were sold out!
THANKS to all our buyers AND our Growers!

The summer season is rolling along and as more vegetables and fruit come ready for harvest, remember … their “season” is only so long … be sure and take advantage when they are at their peak and enjoy FRESH, WHOLESOME, Locally grown & produced items!!

Buy Fresh ~ ~ BUY LOCAL ~ ~ Buy Healthy

Good Morning TUESDAY order day!

Tuesday ordering for WEDNESDAY pick ups at FOUND PENNY FARM will be closing soon!

Get your orders in now for fresh vegetables, delicious canned goods and fresh, home baked items!!

Plan ahead!
Also Order now for Saturdays 2 pick up locations: GREENVILLE & MURPHY

Tell your friends, share us on FaceBook!

Come Grow with us and enjoy the fruits of LOCAL harvests!

New Growers & NEW items!

With the opening of the Market this week, be sure to check out the new growers and their new items!

Just now coming into season, ready for harvest vegetables, berries and delicious, fresh from the oven treats.

NEW – this week – CORDIAL!! What an amazing new discovery! If you’ve never had this delicate cordial, now is your best opportunity!

Browse our ONLINE offerings, place your order and be assured that YOUR choices will be available … not sold out!

REMEMBER to select your pick up location!

Enjoy and tell your friends about